Tuesday, January 3, 2012

God Has a Sense of Humor ;)

Today I suffered what might be the first Advent 

wreath injury known to humankind. While putting up 

the Christmas stuff in my classroom, I was carrying 

too much, started to drop it all, launched it back up 

into my arms, and wound up stabbing myself in the 

eye with one of the candles, leaving a piece of wax in 

my eye as well. Yes, I am that clumsy. Then I turned 

to find one of my students drawing a crucified 

snowman, or a snowman on a cross, whichever you'd 

prefer. True story. 

Tomorrow I am wearing my glasses and hoping for 

drawings of flowers and robots.

Edited to Add: Just noticed that this came out appearing to be some lame excuse at poetry, when in fact it was just an error in copying and pasting from another location.  And yet somehow, after the day's many misadventures, it seems oddly fitting.

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