Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas. . .already?!?!?!

A few months ago at mass, Father said that every Catholic household should have a Bible, a crucifix, and a nativity scene.  I realized that I don't have one!  I used to love playing with the hard plastic nativity scene my parents had, arranging the different people and animals and recreating the Christmas story.  I also loved staring at (but not touching) my grandmother's beautiful Italian creche.  As a child, it seemed so fancy and exotic, with the moss draped around it and the delicate paper affixed to it, the face of Mary so ethereal.  The best nativity I have ever seen was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  A few years back, I was in NYC at New Year's and was able to view it.

I ordered my own pretty little vintage nativity scene through ebay.  While I adore the Met's creche, I think this version will be more my style---at least, more suitable to my 650 square foot condo and simple life.  When it comes in, I'll post a picture.  :)

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