Monday, November 22, 2010

Make It 4 Monday

Today I'm linking up with Cottage Instinct's Make It 4 Monday.

One of my favorite finds occurred at a little shop called Country At Heart.  It was located on Magazine St., but sadly is now closed.  I LOVED this store.  The owner new me when I walked in and was so nice.  She always had fabulous and affordable things, many of which were also unique.  And this particular find was definitely unique, to the point where I cannot accurately state what it actually is.  If anyone can help me, please do!  This post definitely reveals that I'm a city girl.  I believe this is some kind of grain container or seed distributer, but I'm not entirely sure.  At any rate, it was definitely some kind of old architectural tool.  When I purchased it, it was a rusted mess.  I cleaned it up.  Then I spray painted it one of my favorite shades of green.  (Green is my favorite color.)  After it dried, I sealed it with a coat of poly.  I use it as a container for dried flowers or berries.  It can easily be hung and contain any number of things.  I love its vintage country cottage appeal.

(The part that is not spray painted is the label of the company that made it.)

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