Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

The Christmas season is incredibly busy and hectic for a lot of people.  For a first grade teacher, it's a marathon.  As soon as we come back from Thanksgiving, the children have Christmas fever.  I know ahead of time that I need to get the tree up before Thanksgiving break is over.  So the Friday after Thanksgiving, I went over to Lowe's and picked out my tree.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE real Christmas trees.  However, as a petite single girl, this can pose some issues.  Hauling a tree my size up to my third floor condo and attempting to straighten it while putting it into a stand causes me great anxiety!  Fortunately this year, my downstairs neighbor's boyfriend was coming out of the building right as I was going in with the tree, and he brought it up for me.  This year I purchased a more expensive green plastic tree holder, and it worked SO MUCH better than last year's wobbly red metal cheap stand.  I kept holding my breath waiting for things to get difficult.  Waiting to be mauled by my tree.  Last year, the tree fell down five times (4 of them on me).  Finally I gave up, tied a ribbon around it, and affixed the ribbon to a nail in my window sill.  This year was different.  The tree went up immediately.  Straight.  Stable.  Painless.  Thank you God!  So being a single gal this Christmas wasn't so bad after all!  ;) At least when it came to solo tree assembly and decorating.

Here is the evolution of my Christmas tree experience:

Whew!  It's up and straight.  Okay, time for lights.

 Alright, this will suffice.  Not the greatest light hanging in the world, but I did it.

Let's try the red wooden bead garland I bought a while back.  That might be nice.

Decorations!  I have a few stray ornaments of varied colors, but the majority are gold and red.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Shiny Brite vintage gold and red ornaments that I purchased on Etsy.  They really look outstanding.  I know it's hard to tell, as I'm still taking pictures on my cell phone (Where is my battery charger?!) but they make me happy!

A few other favorite ornaments of mine came from a good friend who was moving and needed to get rid of most of her extraneous possessions.  She gave me wonderful vintage indent ornaments.  I always hang those first in a prominent place where I know they'll stand out.  I have about eight of these in red, green, gold, and blue.  These are the only ornaments on my tree that aren't all gold and red.

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