Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Uptown Girl at Christmas

While I was at Lowe's buying my Christmas tree, I also bought one of their wreaths made out of real branches from fir trees.  This is the first year that my wreath is "live"---well, sort of, since the branches are now severed from the tree and therefore dead.  I hung my wreath on my fleur de lis hook that usually serves as my key holder.  The fleur de lis is the symbol of New Orleans and also of the New Orleans Saints.  It originated with the French Bourbon aristocracy.  Because Louisiana was a French colony founded during the reign of a Bourbon king, the fleur de lis took root and now symbolizes New Orleans.

 I have a hanging sign that says "Uptown."  I bought it at the arts and crafts market a couple months ago.  The arts and crafts market is held in a park just a few blocks from my house.  One of the many reasons why I love living in the area of the city known as "Uptown."  I can also walk to the streetcar.  Uptown contains incredibly architecturally significant and beautiful homes, lush and vibrant gardens, and two universities.  It has the zoo and an incredible park (see other post) as well as great restaurants.  Uptown is a very family friendly area and is one of the most safe areas to live in the city.  I love being an "Uptown Girl."  (Honestly, I have rocked out to that Billy Joel song many a time ;) ).  So I incorporated the sign into my wreath.  I know it's lopsided.  I had issues affixing it.  I'm pretending it makes it look more shabby chic/rustic.  The tiles that form the word "Uptown" are found on many of our city's street corners.  Of course, they are much bigger.  They spell out the street names and are absolutely gorgeous.

I've had the metal stars for several years.  When I had a house, I hung up garlands of fake pine and put the stars on it.  After being outside in the elements, they acquired a rusty patina.  I decided to slip them into this wreath.  The wreath hangs on the closet door in my living room.  It really adds to the Christmas feel and makes me feel like I'm either in a Dickens novel or in the country or both.  Instead, I'm just a girl in Uptown New Orleans getting ready for the holidays!  :)

(Sorry about the photo quality---or lack thereof.  I have misplaced my camera's charger for the battery and am using my cell phone instead.)

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  1. I like the sign. And your camera makes good pics. The Bavarian Christmas linky party is still open-won’t you come and join us at and while you are there join the give-a-ways going on.