Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10: Today

Today is one month until "I do."

Today we took engagement photos.  We stared into each others eyes, and suddenly the voice of the photographer was distant but everything else---the wedding, our life together, our future---was right upon us.

Today we stood on a track in the middle of St. Charles Avenue, and he dipped me as the street car approached.  The photographer snapped the picture, and we laughed and didn't care who saw.

Today I am still battling congestion, no where near 100%, but trying my best to give my all at work nonetheless.

Today I opened the mailbox and found more smart square envelopes flying from the box, RSVPs stacking up.

Today I listened to and said the rosary on the way to work, the Glorious Mysteries, and saw in my mind's eye Christ ascending and the Holy Spirit descending.

Today I watched the sun set with the man I love, held his hands in mine, and saw my face reflected in his eyes.

Today I sipped margaritas, dipped chips in pico de gallo, and talked and talked and talked as if we had just met, as if we wouldn't have the rest of our lives to get it all in.  But we will.  So much to say.  And only a lifetime to fit it all in.

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